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CHS Publications

Canadian Tide and Current Tables

Providing the predicted tides in Canadian waters for one year.


Chart 1 - Symbols, Abbreviations and Terms
Chart 1 is a publication containing explanations of the symbols, abbreviations and terms needed to interpret nautical charts published by the Canadian Hydrographic Service. Member nations of the International Hydrographic Organization produce Chart 1 using a common format. That common format consists of sections identified by letters and symbols, abbreviations or terms identified by a reference number. All Chart 1s organize these sections and symbols, abbreviations, or terms in the exact same order.


Current Atlas


Sailing Directions

Offering detailed descriptions of the best approaches to harbours, harbour facilities, anchorages, local history, regulations and more.
Pacific Coast Central Canada Northern Canada Atlantic Coast

Pacific Coast


No. Title
PAC 200E General Information, Pacific Coast, 2006
PAC 201E Juan de Fuca Strait and Strait of Georgia, 2012
P118 British Columbia Coast (South Portion) Vol. 1, 2004
PAC 205E Inner Passage - Queen Charlotte Sound to Chatham Sound, 2002
PAC 206E Hecate Strait, Dixon Entrance, Portland Inlet and Adjacent Waters and Queen Charlotte Islands, 2002

Central Canada


No. Title
CEN 300 General Information, Great Lakes, 1996
CEN 301 St. Lawrence River, Montréal to Kingston, 2010
CEN 302 Lake Ontario,1996
CEN 303 Welland Canal and Lake Erie,1996
CEN 304 Detroit River, Lake St.Clair, St.Clair River, 1996
CEN 305 Lake Huron, St. Marys River, Lake Superior, 2000
CEN 306 Georgian Bay, 1998
CEN 307 North Channel of Lake Huron, 2000
CEN 308 Rideau Canal and Ottawa River, 2003
Small Craft Guides
P132 Trent-Severn Waterway, 1989
P142 Lake Nipissing, 1987

Northern Canada


No. Title
ARC 400E General Information, Northern Canada, 2009
ARC 401E Hudson Strait, Hudson Bay and Adjoining Waters, 2009
ARC 403E Sailing Directions Western Arctic, 2011
ARC 404 Great Slave Lake and Mackenzie River, 2012
P102 Arctic Canada Vol. 2, 1985
P104 Arctic Canada Vol. 3, 1994

Atlantic Coast


No. Title
ATL 100E General Information, Atlantic Coast, 2007
ATL 101E Newfoundland, Northeast and East Coasts, 1997
ATL 102E Newfoundland and Labrador, East and South Coasts, 2008
ATL 103E Newfoundland and Labrador, Southwest Coast, 2010
ATL 104E Cape North to Cape Canso (including Bras d’Or Lake), 2010
ATL 105E Cape Canso to Cape Sable (including Sable Island), 2001
ATL 106E Gulf of Maine and Bay of Fundy, 2001
ATL 107E Saint John River, 2009
ATL 108E Gulf of St. Lawrence (Southwest Portion), 2006
ATL 109E Gulf of St. Lawrence (Northeast Portion), 2006
ATL 110E St. Lawrence River, Cap Whittle/Cap Gaspé to Les Escoumins and Anticosti Island, 2011
ATL 111E St. Lawrence River, Île Verte to Québec and Fjord du Saguenay, 2007
ATL 112E St. Lawrence River, Cap-Rouge to Montréal and Rivière Richelieu, 2009
ATL 120E Labrador, Camp Islands to Hamilton Inlet (including Lake Melville), 2004
ATL 121E Labrador, Hamilton Inlet to Cape Chidley (including Button Islands and Gray Strait), 2004